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Our Family

Cuellar & Associates began 30 years ago with one man’s dream.

One division, one product, and one company.

Fast forward and Cuellar & Associates has expanded beyond San Antonio and now comprises 24 divisions across 5 locations, and 12 subsidiary companies that handle every financial product and service except banking.

We offer our customers the unique opportunity to consolidate all their insurance and financial needs by providing all these services in one place. 

We pride ourselves in our philosophy of “The Customer Comes First”.

Since 1991, Cuellar & Associates has continued to offer the highest level of customer service and customization to all of our products and services no matter the client.

Every one of our leadership team are experts in their division, dedicated to finding the best policies for our customers. We work with our customers to identify the best plan, price and policy to suit their current need. Whether it be a municipality, company, or a growing family, Cuellar & Associates has you covered in every aspect and with every product.

We hope to have you join our family very soon!

Our People

Photo of Roland Cuellar, Sr.
Roland Cuellar, Sr.

President & CEO

Roland Cuellar, Jr.
Roland Cuellar, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Mari Mejia

Sr. Executive Assistant

Photo of Kathryn Flores-Perez
Kathryn Flores-Perez

Executive Assistant
Executive Admin, Support

Photo of Laura Sanchez
Laura J. Sanchez

Executive Assistant

Photo of Danika Ruiz
Danika Ruiz

Executive Assistant

Photo of Leslie Escobedo-Torres
Leslie Escobedo-Torres

Agency Development Manager

Michael Thaxton

Brokerage Director

Photo of Jaime Jaimez Jr
Jaime Jaimez, Jr.

Human Resources/
Accounting Manager

Photo of Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes

Staff Accountant

Kevin Bloomquist

Administration Weslaco

Noelia Martinez

Admin Assistant Weslaco

Mati Reed

Manager Liaison

Anthony Gallardo

Administrative Specialist

Angel Ortega

Admin Assistant

Marco Mancillas

Public Relations

Robert Lenhardt

Director of Legal Affairs

Data Management

Photo of Megan Renee Flores
Megan Renee Flores

Data Manager

Photo of Mayank Dahiya
Mayank Dahiya

Data Extractor

Photo of Erik Faz
Erik Faz

Customer Service Representative

Jasmine Lopez

Data Extractor

Photo of Heidi Way
Heidi Way

Data Extractor

Angela Guerrero
Data Extractor
Photo of Rosemarie Calderon
Rosemarie Calderon

Data Extractor

Natalie Rodriguez
Data Extractor
Photo of Bill Sebring
Bill Sebring

Data Extractor

Gina Garcia
Data Extractor
Jacob Thomas
Data Extractor
Micheal De Leon
Data Extractor
Sam Ferdin

Data Extractor

Tatiana Begley

Data Extractor

Tamia Cook

Data Extractor

General Agency

Photo of Kathryn Flores-Perez
Kathryn Flores-Perez

Executive Assistant
Executive Admin, Support

Elijah Thompson

Life Insurance Sales Manager

Ithiel Hernandez
Financial Service Advisor
Mercedes Granados

Life Insurance Underwriting Assistant

Daniel Tagawa

Life Administrative Support

Photo of Enrique Martin
Enrique (Quique) Martin

Life Insurance Agent

Miguel Serna

Life Insurance Professional

Photo of Abril Marrujo
Abril Marrujo

Financial Service Professional

Photo of Zachary Martinez
Zachary Martinez

Financial Service Professional

Dakota Staton

Financial Service Professional

Photo of Raul Sandro Gaona
Raul Sandro Gaona

Financial Service Professional

Photo of Calvin Zabrocki
Calvin Zabrocki

Financial Service Professional

Property & Casualty

Photo of Veronica Torres
Veronica Torres

Property & Casualty (Personal Lines) Manager

Xavier Mendiola

Personal Lines Sales Manager

Photo of Samantha House
Samantha House

Personal Lines Customer Service

Chelsea Ramey

Personal Lines Sales Support

Photo of Erin
Erin Dunham

Property & Casualty (Commercial Lines) Manager

J.R Todd

Commercial P&C Sales Manager

Photo of Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Photo of Marguerite Smith
Marguerite “Rita” Smith

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Lillie Briones

Commercial Lines Assistant

Photo of Diane Alvarado
Diane Alvarado

Commercial Lines Customer Service


Photo of Priscilla Santos
Priscilla Santos

Medicare Administrative Assistant

Kyle Waters

Medicare Sales Manager

Lori Ontiveros

Medicare Engagement Mgr.

David Bocanegra

Medicare Trainer

David Guerrero

Medicare Sales Agent

Gerry Hernandez

Medicare Sales Agent

Photo of Andy Reyes
Andres Reyes

Medicare Sales Agent

Travis Edwards

Medicare Sales Agent

Cuellar Wealth Management

Carlos Valadez, Jr.

Investments – Division Manager

Lidia Barrientes
Investments Projects Manager
Juan Hernandez
Client Services Associate
Robert Wells 

Client Services Associate

Juan Cisneros
Client Services Associate

Cuellar Media LLC

Maria F. Nolasco

Director of Tradeshows

Photo of Erica Rempel
Erica Rempel

Social Media Manager

Photo of Miriam
Miriam Correa

Social Media Specialist

Photo of Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez

Graphic Designer


Photo of Griselda DeHoyos
Griselda DeHoyos

Director of Recruiting

David Cohen

GA Recruiting Manager

Andrea Ceballos

Recruiting Assistant

Justine Thacker


Lily Santos


Employee Benefits

Photo of John Bodker II
John Bodker II

Director of Ancillary Benefits

Photo of Christy Merendon
Christy Merendon

Executive Assistant – Employee Benefits

Photo of Clint Baker
Clint Baker

Sales Manager

Photo of Mark Ludwick
Mark Ludwick

Employee Benefits Account Manager

Jenna Flores

Individual Health Sales Manager

Photo of Kaori Ballard
Kaori Ballard

Employee Benefits Case Manager

Photo of Guillermo Martinez
Guillermo Martinez

Employee Benefits Case Manager

Photo of Tammy Contreras
Tammy Contreras

Group Benefits Renewal Manager

Carla Clarke

Renewal Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Davidson
Jennifer Davidson

Employee Benefits Professional

Christopher Robles

Employee Benefits Professional

Kristen Kaser

Individual Health Agent

Office (Technical/

Photo of Dale R Westendorf
Dale R. Westendorf

IT Manager

Photo of Vanessa Mehdi
Vanessa Mehdi

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Miranda Weathersby
Miranda Weathersby

Administrative Specialist

Photo of April Thompson
April Thompson


Kjarra Salas


Emily Anciso


Suzuky Maximoto


Products and Services Custom Tailored for You

Offering over 400 products from over 100 companies Cuellar and Associates offers unparalleled customization. Let us help you find the perfect solution.

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