Benefit Strategies

Benefit Strategies Every Employer and Employee Deserve

Employee Benefit Statements

Allow Employers to show their employees annually the benefits they’re providing so employees will see the true value of their benefits package and if they meet the employer’s and their employees’ expectations.

Education Seminars

These onsite informative seminars will help employees get a head start on preparing for the future.

Individual Financial Reviews

We will provide one-on-one financial reviews to company executives. We will also be able to show the employees how to build their own personal financial strategy on the foundation of their benefits program.

Annual Cost Analysis and Review of Benefits

Allows us to assess current costs and options. We will review medical, dental, workers’ compensation, executive plans, life, retirement plans, general liability, and any other benefit to ensure the programs are cost efficient and that they meet the employer’s and their employee’s expectations.

Nonqualified Benefits

Allows us to work with employers to determine the most tax efficient compensation plans for owners and other key employees.

Business Continuation Products

Allows us to work with owners of closely held businesses to recommend products suitable to their business continuation plans.

COBRA Administration

Take the burden of COBRA Administration from the employer and let an expert handle all related issues.

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