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What A Comprehensive Insurance Plan Covers

Plans for vision insurance and dental insurance in San Antonio cover a wide range of services.

Dental Insurance Coverage

  • Preventive Dental Care 
  • Basic Dental Care
  • Major Dental Care
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Vision Insurance Coverage

  • Preventative Care 
  • Eyeglass Lenses and Frames
  • Contact Lenses 
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Common Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance Terms

Here are some common health insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance terms that outline standard features and benefits.  These items will help determine the right plan that meets your insurance needs in San Antonio.

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Annual limit

This refers to the highest dollar amount that your insurance plan will pay when getting dental health (in a given year). Regardless of how much work is needed, your insurance company will stop coverage once your annual limit is reached. Cuellar & Associates ensures that you have the right insurance plan so that your annual limit matches what your expected care will be. 

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The co-pay is your out-of-pocket cost. Your coverage plan will determine how much your insurance will pay, and what you will pay. The percentage of the bill that you pay is what is known as the co-pay.  A higher co-pay typically means a lower monthly premium, and vice versa. Co-pay depends on your budget, as well as what kinds of coverage you expect out of dental plans.

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“In-network” provider

This refers to providers who have already agreed to accept an insurance company’s coverage. Each insurance company has a group of providers who will accept their insurance in exchange for following specific rates and treatment requirements.  The “network” providers can be not only in San Antonio but across Texas as well depending on the plan details.

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“Out-of-network” provider

The opposite of an in-network provider. Some plans may provide you the opportunity to see an out-of-network provider with reimbursement or a higher out-of-pocket, but most of the time, your vision plan or dental insurance plan will provide higher coverage when you get treatment from an in-network provider.  

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“Fee-for-service” provider

Unlike the other options, plans that have a free-of-service provider option will not pay the provider upfront, but will reimburse the patient after they have already paid upfront. In these cases, the provider will not charge fees directly to insurance companies, but will work out the payment directly with the patient.

PPO Insurance vs DMO Dental Plans for Texas

The type of plan you have for dental insurance is not defined by your coverage or benefits, but whether your insurance allows for seeing dentists outside the insurance network. 

A PPO (Dental Preferred Provider Organization) dental plan provides care for a fixed premium. This coverage allows for you to visit any dentist in the PPO network for a reduced cost. You are welcome to see a dentist outside of the network, but your upfront costs might increase. 

DMO (Dental Maintenance Organization) plans let you see a dentist within the network for no fees or reduced cost. The difference with these plans is that unlike PPO, you cannot see another dentist outside of the network  without paying out-of-pocket. Lower premiums on dental plans are associated with DMO plans.

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Our Insurance Professionals Are Ready To Find The Right Plan For You 

Cuellar & Associates are licensed to serve all of Texas and have been putting vision insurance and dental insurance plans together for San Antonio and surrounding areas for over 15 years.  Call us today at 210-558-0811 or request a custom quote below so you can get the right vision and dental coverage.

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